Engineering Management

Let's walk together towards the future

We are in a moment of strong development and transformation of the market. Some "historical" components will have less and less space. The time has therefore come to diversify, develop, work on research and find new spaces for your company.
Our team is able to evaluate your technical and industrial skills with you, proposing new projects/markets that your company will be able to face, working together on a cost/benefit project, evaluating development times and, in synergy with the commercial sector, the return on investment.
From the very first moment we will support and train your Engineering Dept. or we will help you in the search for new figures, in order to create sufficient skills and know-how to carry on your new challenges in total autonomy.
Unlike the classic engineering firm, our priority is not to sell you a project, but to help you grow so that it becomes your project and your identity

  • Potential analysis / Business case
  • Preliminary feasibility study, identification / creation of strengths vs. competitors
  • Make or Buy analysis, identification of potential suppliers
  • Coordination of internal team for product development or management of external engineering firm
  • Coordination of testing / validation within the company or at EMnC partners

Success stories


Engineering Management

Technical management and new business
Development Sector: Automotive/Railway

The company, born from the spin-off of the business from an important European automotive manufacturer, needed to create its own entity and customer base outside the parent company.
At the beginning, with the permanent function of Special Development Director, one of our associates took care of the study of company capabilities, internal costs, affinity with other products, potential investment, organizational and logistical skills, in order to create a 10 years Company Master Plan.
The C.M.P. was the guideline to develop of a series of new products with a high technological level and complexity such as to allow the company to become one of the market leaders in the sector.


Engineering Management

Start-up, technical management and new business
Development Sector: Off-highway/Defence

In a Mid-East Country, over the recent years, the government has requested a strong development in internal know-how and production capacity, especially for the automotive/defence sector.
EMnC has collaborated with local entrepreneurs in the study and production of the required products as well as the design and creation of production infrastructures, supplier development, recruitment and training of engineering personnel, including the realization of test benches for product verification and validation.
In 5 years, we have gone from an idea to a company with more than 100 employees, with a complete range of products not only for the domestic market but also worldwide recognized.