Management Support

Getting fit to growth

Growing, meeting and serving new customers and markets is a great Opportunity and a huge Challenge.

Company results are vital to continue sustaining the growth and the investments to overcome your competition.

Mindset, Resources, Organization and Governance, Brand and Product positioning need to be right to purpose.

Our experience in driving complex operations, brand and product positioning, right-tuning organization, governance and mindset to business growth has been key, in the last 5 years, to support many different Companies in various industrial sectors as Automotive, Mechanical, Aerospace, Engineering, Mechatronic.

We can help your Company getting fit to growth, by:

  • BOD’ Advisory, providing an out-of-the-box clear and honest point of view
  • Mentoring, to support your management facing changes and growth
  • Designing organization scheme, governance and processes, to match new opportunities and targets
  • Advising a consistent Brand position tuned to your values and markets
  • Driving Mindset change, consistent to new Business and Brand position

Success stories


Management Support

Leadership Development
Sector: Industry. Italian company with international market

The company requested our support to develop, among its first levels, a leadership style oriented to involvement and motivation.
We designed and delivered a training course with experiential approach, on and off the job activities, individual coaching moments.
Participants enhanced role awareness and got a new set of tools to manage and lead people in order to achieve goals and improve business performance.


Management Support

Managing Change
Sector: Industry-leading company

The company requested our support to finalize a major organizational change project impacting systems, processes and ways of working.
We designed and delivered two training and consulting paths. The first with focus on the individual and organizational dimensions of change, to enable the integration of new behaviors and the diffusion of a new culture.
The second, with a focus on developing the ability to manage change at company level, integrating it into roles, structures, processes and leadership competencies.

Management Support

Marketing and business growth
Sector: Mechanical components for automotive

The company requested our support for improving its market visibility.
First, we developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing plan, working on a new "brand identity": website, corporate video, coordinated set of information materials, new showroom on site, first participation at international trade fairs.
With our support, the company has thus better communicated its identity to the global market. We have therefore activated our relationships, helping to acquire new orders.
Thanks to the work done together, the company has embarked on a path of continuous development, harmonized with the market demands, becoming more aware and autonomous thanks to the methodologies and tools acquired in the meantime.

Management Support

Board member
Sector: Automotive (special vehicles)

We supported the CEO for the definition of new business strategies, for the assessment of potential joint ventures and other strategic cooperation agreements.
We have also assisted the technical department for streamlining the activities related to the development of new products, and reducing the relevant timing.

Management Support

New vehicle development
Sector: Automotive/defense

The company, leader in special vehicles for defense, requested our assistance for the development of a new military vehicle. In particular, we were asked to cooperate for the technical spec and for the selection of adequate suppliers.
After assessing the specific and stringent technical requirements, we have identified the most suitable suppliers for the project, also taking into account the skills/abilities of each company, and their actual capability to be involved into such a complex project, against limited production output.